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Whatever your reasons are for scheduling your Angel Intuitive Reading or Card Reading, these are a few basic things you should know.

  • I am just a messenger. It is my job to tell you exactly what I see, hear and feel. Your job as the receiver is to remain as open as possible.
  • This is your life. It is your path and your loved one’s journey. You must always remember you have FREE WILL, and you should never give that up to anyone.
  • Spirit and Angels will speak to me in symbolic language, and sometimes it takes a while to figure out what something may mean. Be willing to think ‘outside the box’ for the deeper meaning and connection.
  • All Angel intuitive and  card readings will be transcribed and e-mailed to you.
  • I am committed to my gift. I will work hard for both you and your guides to provide you with the most satisfactory experience you can have.