What are Angel Card Readings?

Angel Card readings are a type of Oracle Card and are similar to Tarot Card readings. Tarot Cards have been used for hundreds of years to help people understand and gain insight into their lives and its relationship to past, present, and for the future possibilities. An angel card reader is specifically asking for guidance from your angels or guides.

Due to the nature of the angel cards these readings are often more uplifting, positive, and gentle. This does not mean that angels can’t be very clear about issues and problems, nor does it mean that the angels won’t have specific advice about real actions that need to be taken in order to make improvements. Angels don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear!

Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine worked together to develop the Angel Tarot cards. Doreen is an internationally known expert in communication with, and understanding of, the angel realm. Radleigh is a world known expert in Tarot. They have worked together to develop a set of Tarot cards that reflects the positive energies of the angels and the wisdom of the Tarot. Traditional Tarot cards have included phrases and images that can be frightening and intimidating. The depth of life understanding of traditional tarot is still retained in these new Angel Cards, but the fear-based images and words have been reinterpreted as positive, gentle, and life-affirming concepts and images.


See What An Angel Card Reading Is Like

Doreen Virtue, one of the creators of Angel Cards, uses a card from twelve different Angel Card decks, one for each month of the year, for her annual reading.



angel-1_QS6  My Angel Card Reading Process

I will choose a deck for your reading. I am intuitively led to choose the deck that I feel is most aligned with your energy at that time. Each deck possesses its own energy and healing properties. For the reading, I draw cards and share the messages on the cards, as well as any intuitive guidance I receive to deepen the meanings or images as they respond to your question.

Your angels will always answer the question you ask with loving and divine care, even if it may seem confusing at first! I am not the source of this divine information, but the translator. Through this process, this may help you discover how you see and react to the world, how you believe in yourself, and help you shift or create new patterns relating to your life and the experiences you are seeking.

All of my angel card readings are meant to be easy, healing, and joyous. I encourage you to ask the angels to be loud and clear with you when we decide on a reading. Stay in a place of balance, gentleness, and receptiveness. Shift from your head to your heart. Doing so will create an amazing reading for you. And, of course, I will do the same!

Would you enjoy a reading with me? I would be honored!


Order an Angel Card Reading or Angel Intuitive Reading

Readings are done via email — you can either ask a specific question, or I can do a general “outlook and inspiration” reading! Rates include one follow up email with any further questions for guidance.

By doing readings through email I am able to be much more in depth than if I were to do a reading face to face. I will spend a day or more focusing on your reading, which allows me to read for you in more detail.


One Card Reading                                          $2.00

Past Present Future 3 Card Reading           $5.00

Situation or Concern 5 Card Reading         $10.00

Celtic Cross 10 Card Reading                        $15.00

Heart and Soul 12 Card Reading                  $20.00

 Reading   15 Minutes                                     $40.00

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