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reikiReiki Session $45.00

for 3 consecutive 15 minute sessions

How Does Reiki Distant Healing Work?

Distant Healing often helps clients to lead healthier and more productive lives by resolving recent or chronic conditions. For example, remote healing may facilitate a reduction in pain from injury or surgery; ease childbirth for both mother and infant; and improve detoxification or clearing of chemicals, medications, X-rays, and MRI’s. Other common conditions for which distant healing may be helpful include: physical release of stress, tension, recent or old traumas to bones, muscles, nerves, tendons, and more.

CLINICAL EVIDENCE that Reiki Distant Healing works:

An article written by three renowned researchers details a double-blind randomized controlled study that reveals clinical evidence about the effects of distant healing. The purpose of the trial was to study the effects of distant healing performed by a professional Japanese healer on chronic pain. Read the article

Can I “feel” my Distant Healing During my Session?

Your ability to perceive or feel energy does not deter the effects of distant healing. Highly-sensitive clients will simply be more aware of the healing as it happens. Others may simply feel relaxed, or notice improvements over time.

3 Consecutive 15 minute Reiki sessions – $45.00

angel-cards1Angel Card Readings

An angel card reading is a specific request for guidance from your angels or guides.

Angel Card readings are a type of Oracle Card and are similar to Tarot Card readings. Tarot Cards have been used for hundreds of years to help people understand and gain insight into their lives and its relationship to past, present, and for the future possibilities. Traditional Tarot cards have included phrases and images that can be frightening and intimidating. The depth of life understanding of traditional tarot is still retained in these new Angel Cards, but the fear-based images and words have been reinterpreted as positive, gentle, and life-affirming concepts and images


Would you enjoy a reading with me? I would be honored!


Simple One Card Reading                               $2.00

Past Present Future 3 Card Reading           $5.00

Situation or Concern 5 Card Reading         $10.00

Celtic Cross 10 Card Reading                        $15.00

Heart and Soul 12 Card Reading                  $20.00

 Reading  15 minutes                                     $40.00

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